Friday, October 20, 2017

5 thing Friday- winery fun, bugs, apple bread, microwave, prep hell

We had a good time with The Girl last weekend, picking up our wines at Perisso's Sip and Stroll, listening to live music.  Then we bopped over to TNL and lo and behold, there too was live music.  So of course we stayed for a tasting and a bottle.
Wineries are some of the nicest places to hang out.  Beautiful scenery, friendly people, and wonderful wine!
Yes, grasshoppers ARE bigger in Texas.  There are millions of them at Highlands!  Grasshoppers I can handle.  Wasps and scorpions...not so much.
 What you do with wrinkly apples no one will eat:  throw open the back door, turn on the oven, and make cinnamon apple bread.
Scout and his girlfriend moved into their own apartment.  {Lots of feelings.}  However, they did have this extra microwave they did not need.  So it's destined for the future Highlands guesthouse.  I generally have a stash of things sitting right here, waiting to be taken out there.
Fun times!  Two guesses as to what I get to do today!  By 3 p.m. I will be back in my own home with my feet up, planning what I want to eat for dinner, dreaming of being here on Saturday night:
Happy Weekend, everyone!


Simply LKJ said...

Haha...I remember the first summer we flew into Austin, the grasshoppers/crickets were EVERYWHERE. Including in the airport!!

Rue said...

The grasshoppers down where John lives are INSANE. I've never seen them that big.

Looks like you're putting in a potty. Fun, fun ;)

Have a great weekend, my friend!

bj said...

yum on the apple bread...I have only 2 large ones but some apple juice might give it a boost

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

That apple bread looks PHENOMENAL! I have a bag of apples calling my name.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

We went apple picking so I had a LOT of apples. I have a few left that are in that 'wrinkly' stage haha. Apple bread sounds wonderful!


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