Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A quiet finale...

Court of Honor went off rather hitch-less on Monday night.
It was a simple yet meaningful ceremony.  The men and boys of the troop did a fine job and Bubbie was reserved and dignified, but he smiled at everyone and thanked them with hugs and handshakes.   He didn't have much to say up on stage - probably glad to be done with this milestone and more than a little nervous in front of a church full of people.  We saw lots of folks we hadn't seen in a long time - neighbors, scouting family, and real family, too.  All of us arrived home rather tired and most of us went straight to bed.
Yeah, we're a lively group...
I'm sure as the days pass, Hubby will feel bittersweet about it - our last boy to go through scouts made it all the way to the top (!), but after all, he is the last one...  And so with that, we are somewhat closing a door - even though, with scouting, you can always stay engaged, if you choose to do so. And he was encouraged by many of them to do so.  
I'm so glad he had all of these positive peers and role models in his life.  Makes me worry a little less about the baby.

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Kim said...

Major accomplishment. Congratulations!


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