Friday, July 14, 2017

5 thing Friday - rings, sunsets, watermelon, mother, coins

A few weeks ago I had my wedding rings resized.  The place that originally sold them to us quoted me a random huge price and acted like they didn't want to fool with it.  I went to another jeweler who took the time to examine my ring and give me a quote.  They tightened a loose stone, sized it up (a whole size!) and cleaned it.  For about $100 less than the other place quoted me. 
It was like getting new rings!  And he said he'd clean it for free for life.
Sunset at Highlands, looking back towards the barn.  We have been spending more time out there lately.  It's much to hot to do any big projects, though.  So mainly we are enjoying our swing, local wineries, cooking outside, giant Jenga...
Since it's mid-summer we are eating watermelon!  The best way to enjoy watermelon, in my opinion is to cut it into manageable chunks and store in gallon ziploc bags in your cooler or fridge.  Then grab and go.
We visited my mother and helped her with a few small chores here and there.  Made a run to the recycling center with a pickup bed full of recycles.  Took her to eat chicken fried steak.  We three were all exhausted after the heat and humidity of working outside.  And it never seems like I make a dent in the never-ending list of things she needs help with.
While I was cleaning out her garage I found an old toothbrush cup with assorted coins from her travels.  They are covered in filth and God knows how long they've been in the garage, but she presented them to Hubby so I will give them a cleaning and put them into a jar.  Maybe someday Hubby and I will be world travelers, too...

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Kim said...

Your rings are very pretty. :)


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