Friday, June 30, 2017

5 thing Friday - Teddy, quiche, estate sale scores, nests, table

When we dog-sat Teddy a couple of weeks ago, he did a fair amount of napping and moping.  He is super attached to his human and was missing her so.
But he also came up to me often and licked my hand.  And he did play with the boys in the backyard.  And Hubby did take him on walks.  And he did get the occasional bite of bacon or cheese.  Still missing The Girl, but coping a little better than the last time.  So I think each time will be easier for him.
For some reason, I rediscovered those frozen pie crusts in a big way.  We've had a few really delightful quiches.  However, as it is getting super hot here, I will probably slow down on oven cooking.  This one was plain ole Swiss cheese, no frills.
Our neighbor a couple of house down passed away in December and her family held an estate sale two weekends ago.  Hubby and I moseyed down there and came away with some amazing deals.  One of them was this storage box full of Command hooks and picture hangers.  We spent about $40 and got: two new Coleman folding chairs in tote bags, a mint condition dolly, a wheelbarrow, and assortment of gardening tools in a tool tote, this box which also had a couple of pad paint refills, door stops, pegboard hooks of all sizes, a couple of full size garden tools, two seasons of Outlander on BlueRay, two Outlander books, some kitchen storage containers, two wicker baskets, some plastic tubular hangers, leather garden gloves, and several other smallish things.  WOW.
Last weekend when we stepped out of the barn, some tiny birds started up a HUGE racket in the trees just outside of it.  It was a minute or so before we noticed this nest in the overhang.  I wonder if they thought the deer antlers were some sort of protection...
Hubby got quite crafty last weekend.  In addition to helping me with the giant Jenga project, he took the bones from our old patio umbrella, strung on $4 worth of Disney Frozen-inspired Christmas lights, and made us a sweet spot to enjoy outside evening dinner at Highlands.  It's still collapsible and the lights gently blink.  I would never have thought to recycle the old umbrella (and that table is 20+ years old).  But this is pretty sweet!
Goodness - where did June go??

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