Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Last Prom-er

I didn't even attend my senior prom.  And only two of my four have gone to prom.  Firstborn wasn't dating anyone, was the introverted type, and rather anti-establishment. Scout refused to even consider going, though he had a wide circle of friends and I think would have had a great time.  But waaay back in 2010, The Girl went - seemingly unusual for her, too, as she was heavy into sports and working part-time, and as far as I know, the one and only date she ever had with that particular football player.
And she did look really lovely!
Hubby had about 15 minutes to take a few shots before her date arrived and whisked her away.  So if you blinked, you missed it, and I did, since I was at work!  I did however, get to take her shopping for the dress, which we both loved.  Thank goodness he got a few shots taken. 
I would love to have great pictures to share all the time, but that's not my reality...

Flash forward 7 years to her littlest brother going to prom.  I had literally ONE minute to take a pic before he and a friend headed off to pick up the girls.  So of course, I took a terrible photo!  My hope is that when they took group shots, they got better ones, and I can talk him into sending me some.  He had the perfect tux for him - navy blue, with a navy and black paisley tie and navy sateen vest.  Quite the looker, blurry photo notwithstanding!
Seems like every day there is a new milestone here - last this, last that.
But also many firsts to look forward to as well...


Kim said...

Such a busy time of year and so bittersweet, too. Like you said, a round of lasts, before a burst of first! :)

The Happy Whisk said...

Great pictures.

Rue said...

Your children are beautiful, Gina. Blurry or not, it captures the moment :)

We've already done most of the lasts here, but I'm waiting on the firsts ;)

Have a great weekend, my friend!



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