Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday Menus #6 and wine storage

The cabinet under the cookbook counter was a train wreck.  It held serving dishes, a container of batteries, a basket of wax tarts and votive candles, crystal stemware we have never used, and wine.
Mostly the trash can sits in front of it, so I can close it up and forget about it.  But it's not being put to good use and the wine bottles were destined for breakage!
Storing them on their sides is good - balancing them on top of one another, not so good.
I pulled everything out of the cabinet intending to remove the shelf, but it is in there permanently. Believe me, I tried!
So I google around a bit for wine racks and was mostly discouraged until I remembered that IKEA has them for cheap - about $10 apiece.  Sold!  I headed over there and within a couple of hours had two of them built and ready to use, travel and shopping time included!
Simple.  Stackable. Inexpensive.
Wednesday - Chicken Tacos (freezer leftovers), salad with guacamole
Thursday - Hamburger SOS on toast - broccoli/cauliflower
Friday - Italian Layer Bake, kettle chips
Saturday - Dad grills
Sunday - Slow Cooker Steak and Potato soup, rolls
Monday - Honey Mustard Chicken Crock, rice, peas and carrots
Tuesday - Biscuits with sausage gravy, eggs
I cleaned out the floor of the pantry, added the shelves, stocked the wine stash, and organized the picnic and lunch totes.  I feel like they will stay reasonably cool down in here, too.
A happy consequence of that was that I was able to find a safe spot for the stemware and organize the servingware with room to spare.  I love the empty spaces down here and now I can say I am officially done with the kitchen decluttering for January!


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Good for you getting organized...I always say, who messed this up....LOL Thanks for your visit and your experience. Not a fun thing to do, but you are so right, we are not trying to make friends with the dealer. I hope your car lasts a very long time.

bj said...

i love the wine racks...and i had forgotten all about gosh, when our kids were little, they LOVED it and I made it a lot...then, somehow, it got lost in my mind...going to make it next week....


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