Friday, December 23, 2016

Two quick crafts (aka tacky homemades)

I was really off my crafty game this Christmas season - I just could never quite get motivated to start.  However, I did promise a friend I would make tacky homemades. 
Here was my inspiration:
A burlap cross on reclaimed wood by simpleandsage on Etsy.  I had so much wood in the garage I could use for this, but I got started on it too late.  Plus the garage is a disaster, so there was nowhere to work!  I ended up buying a shabby'd plaque at Michaels, and some ribbon.  I think I might want to make one for myself, too!
 I also made that tiny trees ornament.  Equally easy!
I bought a big clear plastic ornament (this one has their family's initial on it) and some faux snow from Michael's, and some mini trees from the Dollar Spot at Tarjay.
The clear glass ones are pretty, but not practical if you have small children who might like to shake the snow in the ornament!  This one had a nice big opening, too.
 I wanted to place three trees (for 3 kiddos) in there, but I made one slightly taller by gluing on a couple of buttons to the base.
Then I carefully put a blob of hot glue on the base of each tree and gently lowered it into the ornament.  I have to say, that was the trickiest part of the whole craft!  A long pair of hemostats would have helped greatly, but I just used some skinny sewing scissors.
I wish I could have found a tiny fox to put in there!
I filled the bottom with the faux snow and even sprinkled in some silver glitter, which mostly ended up below the snow.  Then I replaced the ornament top and tied on a turquoise ribbon.  It was fun and both of the crafts together took not even a whole hour.  But next year I will start sooner and up my crafty game!
I am going to spend the next few days just trying to live in the moment and not think about how I might have done this or that differently and how it might be different next year - no last minute stressing allowed.  The house is clean, the gifts are wrapped, food is prepped...let Christmas begin!

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