Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Fun times with Carol

Just before Christmas, my friend Carol and I had a mini Girl's Weekend.  Since my phone was being wonky, and I kept displacing my charging cord, I got pitifully few pics.  But it was so nice to get together just before the holiday stress hit in full force.  Carol picked me up on Friday and we headed to San Antonio to see Billy Joel in concert - such a great show!  Three hours long and 32 of his songs, not to mention a rendition of Highway to Hell by his roadie as BJ played electric guitar.  We didn't get to bed until midnight and I slept until 8:30 which never happens!
The next morning, Carol's sister, Lydia, picked us up for breakfast and took us here.  {Um, no, not to the bar.  That bar opens up into the bakery area of La Margarita.}   As you can see it was very busy!  We actually got there at the perfect time, because by the time we left there was a line out the door.
We had the BEST Mexican breakfast - I had the barbacoa, scrambled eggs, home fries, and homemade tortillas.  So good!
The place was even more decorated than it usually is.  Since I sat gaping for most of the time, I didn't take near enough pics.  So many tiny colored lights everywhere, not to mention sparkly ornaments and greenery.  Carol and Lydia made great breakfast companions and we laughed a lot.
The two of them spent less than $10 apiece on goodies.  Me? I spent around $28.  There was so much to choose from!  I took a big box back to my peeps.
Hubby and I went to La Margarita years ago and I remembered the candied orange halves - they were still there.  Along with so many other wonderful things.  Empanadas, coconut patties, pralines, pink cake, pecan and coconut cookies...
After breakfast we headed to Dripping Springs for the wine pick-up party at Sidecar.  I'm gonna make Carol a wine snob yet.
It was cozy up at the "bar", so she did a tasting and I enjoyed a glass.
Then we grabbed a bowl of Poke-E-Joe's chili frito pie with corn casserole.
We settled in at a table out front to listen to live music and chat.  Around 3 p.m., we decided we better high tail it to Burnet - we had another pick-up party to attend at Torr Na Loch.
We got there in time to find it PACKED as it was cold outside, so no one was really hanging out on the patio.  We did a short tasting and tried some BBQ turkey meatballs, and some chocolate crinkle cookies, but the main star of our show was this white wine sangria.  They flavored it with rosemary sprigs and cranberries and it was delightful.
You can barely see Inks Lake in the distance...
We got home around 6, popped some chicken in the oven, opened another bottle of wine, and socialized until 9 p.m. at which point Carol and I both were ready to call it a day, as she had to drive back to Houston the next day and I had to work.  
But it was all worth it for fun Girl's time together!

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