Monday, September 19, 2016

What the week holds, and keepin' it real

Not all of the "views" on the property look as rustic and untouched as the one below.  Keep it in mind as a reference...
The person who owned it before the person we are currently buying it from had a serious hoarding and trash issue...
He built a little storage shed/carport of sorts on the property, then proceeded to load it up with *crap* both inside and out.  The current owner did his best to remove a bunch of it before he decided to sell.
 From the front of the shed looking out towards the lake,
and the back of the shed, where Mabel will have covered parking.  And here is the view from the back of the shed:
All of the big trash will be gone before closing.
Yes, we have our work cut out for us!  I told Hubby I think that this land, for awhile, will be a "project".  We have electricity and water there, but no septic tank (yet) and loads of improvements to make, including cutting down some of the cedar, moving a load of mulch to cover some old tires that are serving as erosion control, and hauling off the rest of the trash. So we need cooler weather, please!  This week I have two physical therapy appointments for my elbow, Bubbie has an away game for marching band on Friday and  Bands of America on Saturday, then I'm off on Sunday and Hubby and I are going to a wine pick-up partay with The Girl as our guest. {and we get to celebrate her birthday with her in person!}
 What does your week look like?

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