Monday, July 25, 2016

What the week holds: a mug for Bubbie

I got another freebie from the on-line photo storage site I use.  {not gonna name them, because last time I did they wanted me to link back to their site.  This blog is not monetized and I'm keeping it that way.  Blogging without obligation} However, I do appreciate that they give freebies out a lot, and I do occasionally order non-freebie stuff!  Everyone here is a big coffee and hot tea drinker.  Bubbie included.  So this go round, he got a collage mug with a smattering of photos related to Philmont.

I think he will love it filled with coffee on school mornings come Fall...
This week I am paying vehicle registration on three autos ($!), Bubbie starts band camp, and I am accompanying Hubby on a business trip to San Antonio for a couple nights.  We are going to visit a new winery in Driftwood and enjoy dinner on the Riverwalk.  Then I work all weekend and BLINK, July is over.  What does your week look like?


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

I love these sites for photos and gifts -- remember the old days of dropping off the film and waiting for it to come back with our photos?? I love summer and especially being able to take little trips here and there -- enjoy yours! Why is it that summer FLIES and winter DRAAAAAAAGS???

bj said...

i'm trying not to blink...and i can't imagine where June and July went in such a hurry...have fun in SA


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