Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Teddy's here

The Girl is at a training class in Dallas, so guess who gets to stay with us for the week? 
She luvs him, so we plan on taking good care of him.  She ordered him a fancy baby gate to keep him from bolting through the open front door.  We have never owned a dog and the cat stayed inside, so we aren't used to policing the front door.  He's been plopping himself down on the other side of the gate, staring at the front door, willing her to walk through it.
 When she leaves at the end of the week, we will store it here.  Along with toys, extra food bowls, fancy treats and expensive food...yeesh.  It's like having a granddog - gotta have supplies for Gigi and Pops...
She also left two pages of neatly handwritten instructions on what to do and not do, and she went over it item by item with Bubbie.  He's the designated dog keeper this week, but we all get to love on him.
He is slowly warming up to me.  It's been since Christmas that he was here.  I sit calmly reading my book and he will appear in the doorway.  I pat the bed and he hops right up.
 He will sit there, side-eyeing me, deciding if this is a safe place.  But if he hears anyone come through the front door, he's off like a rocket.
 Slowly he is coming around.  I figure that since The Girl was in here on my bed, the quilt smells a little like her?  I don't mind.  He's calm, very sweet, and clearly missing his human.  I know how he feels!

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Simply LKJ said...

Awww. We dog sit our oldest's pups every now and then. We have two of our own. Oh, and one of her 3 now lives with us (too much barking at the apartment complex due to construction). So it is a three ring circus when all here...5 of them!!!


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