Friday, November 6, 2015

5 thing Friday - Halloween, friends, front door, chicken, not panicking

Throw back to a not-so-simple time:  With four kids under the age of 10, things here in 1999 was at stress level Britney 2007 (not my joke, but funny!)  Hubby and I sometimes didn't know whether we were coming or going.  But we sure did love our babies.
Darth Maul (9), Creepy Dad, Worried Baby (10 months), Devislishly Cute Girl (8), and a Birthday Boy Ninja (4). 
 Mango flavored cake mix made some colorful and interesting birthday cupcakes!
Scout turned 20 on Halloween - only one more teenager left at our house!  We celebrated with pizza and nachos and cupcakes and Dr. Pepper. 
And for fun they listened to very loud music and played Bean Boozled.  Nicest five 20-year-olds you'd ever want to meet. 
 Bubbie and his GF carved a pumpkin that literally rotted and dissolved in three days.  We had to scrap it from the bricks, then scrub them.  It was a good time to throw out my now-dead mums, too.
I priced crotons at Wally World ($12!), and decided to go check out Home Depot.  Where I found two lovely ones that were just the right size - $2 each.  Into my car they went!  Crotons are lovely Fall-colored plants.  No flowers to die.
I've lost 3.8 pounds as of today.  I know the slow and steady loss is the way to go, but it'll be the end of January to drop 20 at this rate!  I am trying to keep up my good habits, and eat more veggies and protein.  Borrowing a tip from The Girl, I cooked some thin chicken breasts that I can freeze and add to my lunches with a salad or other steamed veggie.
Firstborn has come over a couple of times since moving - no money in his budget for groceries and with his tiny fridge, no where to put them anyway.  I don't mind him eating here, and I can give him a haircut now and again.  And when he told me he is still having heartburn, and found a roach swimming in his toilet, I tried hard not to look like the CWM I feel.  I calmly bought him some Tums and some roach motels, 'cause what else can I do?  
Can we go back to 1999 now?


Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

The things we do for our kids, huh? So happy to see you leave a comment on my blog - lately I feel like I have lost touch with so many readers as we are all so busy and quickly blog hop!! I also have record a few emails from people who say they are not sure how to comment........I try to comment as much as I can, but really it can be time consuming!! I'll be back!

Rue said...

It;s so hard when they move out. I completely understand.

Annie turned 20 this week and hasn't left the nest, but I'm waiting... God help me LOL

Happy Birthday to Scout :)



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