Friday, October 16, 2015

Temporary art

 It's devilishly hard to photograph these framed "prints" in the front room as they don't have non-glare glass. 
And the lighting in here is very golden-y, and soft, which I really like...but if you look closely at my new art prints, you'll see they are really fabric.  Not prints at all!
I sprayed the old mats with ORB, but eventually I will replace them with white ones.  I ran out of time cleaning this room up for the baby shower, but those old prints that were there had to GO.   I figured, in a pinch, I could use the leftover fabric from some pillows and such I made for the front room.
 The old prints were so DATED.  I bought them at Garden Ridge about 20 years ago.  But I still like the frames.  I would love some gold prints with cream mats, but for now, this is my quick fix.  Maybe after Christmas...
Whatcha think? 

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