Friday, October 2, 2015

Babies suck...

Tonight we are doing a baby shower at my house for a co-worker who is having her second baby. Much food and wine will be enjoyed and I am off this weekend, so Happy Dance!   The shower gave me the perfect excuse to do another of my subversive cross stitch pieces.
It was tricky finding an appropriate frame - it needed to be square, with a square mat to hold it up off the glass.  I found one at Michael's, but sadly did not have a coupon.  So the most expensive part of this little gift turned out to be the frame!
Also, the double white mat was sorta blah around the white of the cross stitch, so I mod-podged some pretty fabric onto the front of the mat, then just trimmed it up with my rotary cutter
The little detail-y corners I used my embroidery scissors on. I think it turned out cute!
The mom-to-be told me not to make her this one - too late, I had already done it.  Oh, well...if nothing else she will be able to use the frame and mat.
While I was at it, I stitched one for her two year old.  His favorite phrase is "aw, dang it", but he pronounces it "niggit" which is both hilarious and cute.  I found a little wooden sign with a jute hanger and figured I could just mount the cross stitch with upholstery tacks.
First I sealed the edges with some mod podge.  Then I centered it, pushed the tacks in, and was done.  I think it's a fun way to mount the little small projects - I will be making more of those come Christmas.
She's already seen this piece, just not put together.  
This house is clean, the food is awaiting prep,  and I am pooped - time for a nap before the ladies arrive!


Kim said...

Super the sentiment! ;)

Simply LKJ said...

Love them. Hilarious!!


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