Friday, September 25, 2015

5 thing Friday - breakfast, vet, Fall decor, Coke, thankful times ahead

While trying to be more mindful of eating breakfast on my days off, here's what I enjoyed one quiet morning:
Sloppy fried eggs with a slice of cheese on toast, and coffee. A fabulous way to start the day.  I had to stop chugging the protein shakes.  I just don't think 190 calories helps my brain function well enough until lunchtime...
I took Sugar to the vet yesterday, where they tried to do a hard sell on cardiac work-up, liver enzyme tests, thyroid labs, and supportive liver meds.  No, no, no, and no.  I only brought her in to get a quick check-up and be weighed.  I spent $40 I did not budget for said cat so I am done with all that.  I will feed and care for her, but nothing more heroic is going to be done.  Plus, she was traumatized and shed about half her fur into my car.
Trying to make feel guilty over it is futile.  I'm just going to continue trying to fatten her up and let her live her natural life.  End of story.
I love the combo of blue and orange - a fresher take on Fall colors.  It took me most of an afternoon, but I set out a lot of our Fall stuff and dusted and cleaned the front rooms of the house.  Plus, I hauled the coffee table out of the garage and cleaned it up. I spent about $6, and that was on a charger for said coffee table.  Let the nesting begin!
 The Girl sent me proof she thinks about me from time to time.  Can't say I'm thrilled she's back on the soda habit, but yay for sharing with mom...
Come on Fall!  I'll be thankful for cooler temps and family times and holidays without knee trouble.  I promise to be more thankful and loving, too.  Hopefully, my summer of grouchy is coming to a close...

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Rue said...

Awww... I agree on the soda, but that was sweet :)



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