Friday, July 3, 2015

5 thing Friday - landscaping, art, dishes, clings, sparklers

When it comes to landscaping, I am little more than clueless.  I just plant what I like where I like.  Then I wait and see.  Then I realize I am in over my head. 
 I was thinking that the lantana would make a nice "little" spot of color by the walkway.  It is taking over!  When I get over my current attack of lazy I will trim up this area.  Blerg.  So muggy out.
 Mabel has become quite the Artist's Den.
It's fun to sit out there and color in my adult coloring book and sip vino.  I'm sipping, not gulping.  Promise.  And eating chocolate covered almonds.  And hiding from my peeps.
 There is literally no end to dirty dishes at my house.  I could load and reload the dishwasher twice a day.  Even if I hand wash them, there has to be someplace to dry them.  And a person to put them up.  Because there is ALWAYS dirty dishes.  Will it be that way when it's just Hubby and me?  I often wonder...
 I changed up the clings in Mabel.  I didn't like how the first ones came out.  I found these bling-y ones at Wal-Mart for $2.50.  Sold.  Hopefully living, laughing, and loving will become our mantra.
Happy Independence Day, everyone!  Mama works a 12 hour shift that day, but I'm sure to get a grilled something when I get home.  And maybe sparklers, too!

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