Friday, April 17, 2015

Me versus the shredder

I didn't start out trying to make an unholy mess on my newly mopped floors.  I was only trying to catch up on shredding documents.  I've had a basket of them sitting in the garage for five months.  (I also have a mountain of things to file, but that's gonna happen later this Spring)  My being out of commission means the infrastructure here has suffered...
Exhibit A:  The crappy shredder that LIES because it says it will take up to 12 sheets of paper, but it will not.  It's our second shredder - we kill appliances.  I have a sneaking suspicion that something left this house unshredded and that is why my credit card account got hijacked a couple years ago.  Shredders are a good thing.  Going 100 paperless would be an even better thing, I realize.  But we still have documents and old bills that will need shredding in the future.  So...
 Exhibit B:  The mess created from me taking the darn thing apart and unplugging the paper jam.  Yes, I used a skinny wooden ruler to assist.  Yes, I broke the ruler.  And  plastic fork.  Ditto a plastic knife.
Two more clean-outs and two and half bags later, I had gotten a chunk of paper so wedged in there it wouldn't budge and I knew I was finished shredding indefinitely.  I got the bulk of it done, so after thirty minutes of troubleshooting, I officially gave up.  Rather than give Hubby yet another thing to fix (the leaf blower is higher up on the list of things we need fixed) I think I will set this out on the next Big Trash Day.   I'm the only one keeping up with the files and such anyway.  Executive decision: go quietly to Wal-mart and purchase a new one.

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