Friday, March 20, 2015

My elderly cat

Sugar is 11 now. (We think. We aren't really sure)  She's starting to become such an old lady cat. She groans.  She cries for food when her dish has food in it.  She eats lint off the floor.  And every now and then, a sound or something in the yard will spook her and she runs through the house, fat flapping.  But she is very good with her litter pan.  And we love her.
She does more laying around than anything else.  This is where I find her when I pass through the bedroom.  Since my bedroom is where she is most of the time, it gets the brunt of it when she decides to puke.  Isn't that special?
 She is very loyal and affectionate to me, though, so I grudgingly forgive her.   And at night, she is never far from me.  She will do these sweet little purr meows and roll over like "pet mah belly".
 She will freeze in place, waiting for you to.
 So lazy.
 What's that?  A noise?  You're leaving the room?
When I walk out, she will jump up and leave, too.  Open windows are something she must check out.  If I am sitting at my desk, she will wind her self around my legs for a minute or two.  I think mainly she is hoping a treat will magically appear.
Then since she has the attention span of a gnat, she will wander off, usually back to the furthest part of the house, and cry pitifully.  Like she forgot where I was, and thought she was suddenly alone.
I always call her back in - I don't want her to feel afraid. 
Because she's a sweet old girl.

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Kim said...

We just lost our kitty, Scarlett...she was 19 yikes! It was very sad.


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