Friday, February 13, 2015

5 thing Friday - awesomeness, dinner, smoothies, organizing, ready

Valentine's Day is tomorrow.  Hopefully Hubby and I can enjoy a nice dinner together.  My plan is to buy him a box of candy from here.  The boys will get a sussie, too!
OK, I lied before when I said I had all the Christmas put up.  I found a mini Christmas tree in the boys bathroom.  Oops.  I feel like it took sooooo loooong to get the holidays done with.  I printed up a fun sign and threw it in a frame and wah la I had something to put in it's place.  For now.
One pot pasta meals are an awesome invention.  This one has rotini, ground beef, pepperoni, and just a touch lots of cheese.  Delish.  I need to find more of these recipes!
Scout and I have discovered these frozen pre-cut fruit and veggies for smoothies.  You could always make your own, but if the store has them for BOGO, might as well buy a couple.  Very refreshing, and a perfect afternoon snack.
Little by little I am tidying up drawers and cubbies and closets.  Here is my newly neatened "secret chair" aka my desk chair.  It's where I store notecards, envelopes, stamps, and mailing labels.  Handy.
My head is in the right place.  I have meals prepped and in the freezer.  The house is clean.  I got my scrubs cleaned, hung, and ready.  I will be ready soon to launch. Just a little more strength in my leg and I have to lose the cane.
Wish me luck!!

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