Monday, December 1, 2014

Mealplan Monday #139 and Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday...

A happy picture for a sad post:
my birthday flowers

Thanksgiving Day was fun - even with my falling incident on Wednesday night*.  Even with my panic incident on Thursday afternoon.**  We had great food, everyone was happy to be home.  We played games, drank, and relaxed.  It took us probably 10 minutes to do the family pics for the Christmas card even! 
But Friday was another story.  Friday was about not getting up to do anything - clean-up, Christmas tree chopping, decorating, soup making, graduation ring shopping.  Not being able to jump out of bed and get the season started here was a mind bender for me.  I spent the day wearing what I had gone to bed in on Thursday night.  Then all day Friday. Then I spent all day Saturday in it, too.  When was the last time I showered?  Oh yeah.  Wednesday.  I felt sad, frustrated, angry, and alone.  Everyone else was in great spirits, but I felt like I was at the bottom of a well.
Monday - Grilled chicken quarters, dutch oven potatoes, salad
Tuesday - Pot of Beans with smoked turkey
Wednesday - Hamburger Helper, broccoli
Thursday - Chili Dogs, chips, coleslaw
Friday - Chicken and Rice, green beans
Saturday - Dad grills
Sunday - Sausage links with BBQ beans (freezer clean-out), corn
Dessert is maybe Cranberry Bars...might get Bubbie to help me on this.
Hubby and I came up with this menu together - "guy food" that will be easy for him to cook.
Another happy picture:
Scout and The Girl at Turkey Trot 2014

Hubby coerced me into getting out of bed Saturday around 5 p.m. to shower so he could change the linens, then go out for Mexican food.  That was helpful.  I felt closer to normal as the weekend came to a close.  I really didn't expect the recovery for my knee surgery to drag on this long.  If you had asked me a month ago what Thanksgiving would look like, I would tell you that I planned on being at work until 2:30 or 3, and that my family would serve the dinner when I got home because it's what we all decided we would do.  I assumed that though I might not be at 100%, I would be walking and getting stronger.  But I look down at my knee today and it is still swollen, misshapen, and I cannot do leg lifts with it.  It's as though it has forgotten how to be attached to a leg.  I am still on two crutches. 
Something has to change pretty soon, before I lose my marbles.
*we'll talk about that later
**that, too

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Brandi said...

Sorry you're not feeling well, Gina. Your husband is so sweet to encourage you to get out. Hopefully you'll be back yourself again real soon.


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