Monday, October 13, 2014

Mealplan Monday #132 and Flat Creek Winery

 As part of our 29th anniversary weekend, Hubby arranged a trip to  Flat Creek Winery.
 I have never been to a winery before.  It was quite the education in how wine is made, not to mention what foods to serve it with, and how to decipher wine labels.
 It is a gorgeous place and the weather was perfect.
 Out in the hill country of Central Texas in Marble Falls - can't get much prettier.
 We took a wine tasting  class in the afternoon that included a tour of the winery.
 It's amazing what all goes into it.  This winery processes grapes for other vineyards, too.
 My favorite part was this room - super chilled and smelling of oak - I wish I could bottle that scent!
 Two peas in a pod:
 Hubby doesn't even really like wine - he said he planned it because I do...awww...
Monday - Tilapia with tarragon-lemon breadcrumbs, Sunshine Corn*, salad
Tuesday - Parmesan Chicken, scalloped reds, butternut squash
Wednesday - Miz Helen's Baked Sandwich, tots
Thursday - Chicken Taco Casserole, salad
Friday - Game night
Saturday - Dad grills
Sunday - Garlic Pork Chops, masheds, green beans
Dessert?  I dunno.  But I'm tempted to go get something pumpkin-y from Trader Joe's.

Sunshine Corn - Melt a tablespoon of butter to a skillet and add 4 oz. of cream cheese and 4 T of green chilies til the cheese melts.  Add a bag of frozen corn and simmer until the corn steams.  Season with salt and pepper.
 That evening we attended First Saturday Wine Dinner.  
A three hour long food and wine fest!
The food and wine were excellent.  Smoked Shrimp Bisque, Wood-fired Lobster Tail with Wild Mushroom Gratin, Akaushi Beef Chuck Roast with Green Peppercorn Cream, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and more.
The chef was very informative about each dish he served and which wine to drink with it.  And the owner came and gave us a mini lesson on how to drink red wine.
It was held in a huge dining room with about 50 guests - so you could get to know your table mates while you were learning about the wine.
Can't wait to visit there again, and I would love to try out some other wineries, too.
And what a nice anniversary that was!

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