Friday, October 3, 2014

Clothes shopping for a fun weekend!

Today I am in Brenham, helping my mother change out her smoke alarm batteries, among other things...but yesterday I stopped into Tarjay on my way home from an early morning appointment and found some cute stuff to wear for our anniversary weekend.  Wanna see?  Bear in mind that my photos are generally not great!
 Outfit #1 cost me a whopping $9.98.  It's a "sleep tee" (made out of tee shirt fabric but I am wearing it as a tunic and it works!) with some black leggings I already had, and some some black flip flops.
 I  will top it with silver joory.  The silver beads were a gift from Hubby back in '87...
 Outfit #2  - the dressy tee with silky sleeves was $20, the maxi skirt was $18,
 and the shoes I had - they were originally $60 ,marked down to $10 at Kohl's.  I don't get to wear them often and I love them.
I'm pairing this outfit with a pendant my mother brought back from Spain on the JA silk cord from Hubby.  I almost forgot I had this pendant - I haven't worn it much over the years.  Can you tell I don't dress up too often?
Ooh la la - I had to buy these short boots - $40 and the lacy knee highs - $7.  I am wearing them with this:
A cute swing top with lace inset sleeves and some silky pants, $20 each.  Those pants will be great for the holidays since I have a few pretty tops I can wear with them.  I have some black sparkly earrings to pair with it.
Last but not least is this tunic dress I paid a whopping $6 for from Land's End a while back.
I bought some floral leggings to go with for $12.  It's supposed to get nippy by tonight and Hubby and I will be sitting on a patio somewhere, beer in hand.  Will post pics of our fun weekend next week!

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Simply LKJ said...

You found some great finds!! Have a wonderful time.


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