Wednesday, September 3, 2014

BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Quesadillas

This week we're all about the easy for dinner.  There are only three of us to feed and I have a million things to do to get ready for an out of town trip.  Plus, I would dearly love some down time.  I want to get some Fall pretties out, arrange a pedi, work on getting my new computer set up...
 So, when a friend suggested these quesadillas I thought they sounded perfect.  We love our quesdadillas around here, and these were really tasty.
 I bought a rotisserie chicken on my way home from work, and the other ingredients I already had - BBQ sauce, pineapple tidbits, flour tortillas, cheese (not pictured), and some butter (ditto).  I'm not 100% sure of the recipe, I was just winging it!
I heated up my griddle, deboned and chopped the chicken, drained the pineapple, 
and grated the cheese.  I happened to have mild cheddar, but I guess most hard cheeses would be fine.  I no longer buy the pre-grated bags of cheese - when you grate your own it just seems creamier.
 I put a tortilla, buttered side down on the hot griddle and just layered on cheese, chicken, pineapple, a tablespoon or so of sauce, and more cheese.
Then I slapped down another tortilla and buttered the top of it.
 After a few minutes I peek at the underside - if it's nice and toasty I flip.  Flipping it can be tricky with grated cheese.  But freashly grated cheese melts quicker and I get the griddle really hot.
This is the color I aim for!  I made a big salad with grape tomatoes, romaine, avocados, and the kitchen sink.  Just like Hubby does.
And I gently simmered the chicken carcass for stock.  Wish I had a picture of Bubbie tearing his quesadilla up after band practice!  I would say that was a win for an easy dinner and we have chicken left over for another meal - Chicken Soup, anyone?

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