Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Green Chile Chicken Bowls with Perfect Rice

On Monday I fixed the bag of frozen Green Chile Chicken - just plopped it into the crock with a scant amount of water and left the house for the day....
...fully intending to make tacos with it, but deciding on Alamo Bowls instead.  Well, actually, Alamo Bowls call for fajita meat.  So we'll call these Green Chile Chicken Bowls.  Yum.  Super tasty!
And I thought I would share how I make (in my opinion) 
Perfect Rice.
 I heat up a tablespoon or a little less of olive oil in a small pot.  (I have also made this with butter, but olive oil is what I use most often.)  I turn the heat to medium low and add one cup of dry rice - Jasmine is nice.  Smells really fragrant and has a great taste.
 I swirl the rice around in the pan every few seconds, getting the rice coated with the oil. 
When it looks a little opaque...(about 3-4 minutes)
 ...I pour in 2 cups of stock.  Tonight I am using chicken, but I have also used other flavors.  I buy those little Knorr cups or bouillon cubes.  No need to add extra salt.
 Then I quickly put the lid on, lower the heat a bit, and set a timer for 20 minutes.
The Green Chile Chicken smells great!  I had turned it to warm when I got home and shredded it a bit in the crock.
While the rice cooks I get my toppings ready.  Tonight it's grated cheddar, green onion, and sour cream.  I use whatever we have on hand - avocado, onion, salsa, jalapenos...
 The rice is just about done when you see these pocket holes on the surface.  When the timer goes off, set if off the heat for a few minutes.   
Then lift the lid and stir it a bit, so it won't clump up too much.  PERFECT!  Slightly creamy, fully cooked and smells soooo good.
For four people this amount of rice is exactly right and we never have leftovers.


Michelle said...

Went to get your green chile recipe and end up pinning it all. These freezer meals will make my life so much easier.Thanks for sharing!

Rustown Mom said...

So glad you did! Let me know what you think - we do love our Tex Mex food around here. (:

Brandi said...

So easy and delicious. I really want to make these one night this week. I bet they taste even better the next day. YUMMMY!!!


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