Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Inspired by a pillow

 It's finished - the dresser that's going into the spare bedroom/craft/sewing/office.
It's hard to get a good shot of it in the front room where the light is so yellow.  But it has to live here until The Girl moves back to Waco. 
(The closest 'before' I have of Firstborn's furniture and wall paint) was in sad shape..
 I sanded, primed...goodness, that was a hot morning!
Then got stuck on the color.  Originally it was going to be a coral.  My inspiration was this pillow I made from a Pottery Barn napkin - I love this combo of colors. 
And there is the tiniest hint of blue-ish grey in there, so I figured it could work in that room with it's "Stormy" walls.  But the coral kept throwing me off.  Then I realized...what I really loved was the green!
 And as luck would have it, I found a $2 can of oops paint at Home Depot that was veeerrry close to the green I wanted!  A little white semi-gloss stirred in, and it was the shade I needed!  Do you ever custom mix your paint?  What did I have to lose but $2 and a little time, right?
It came out a lovely antique-y fern green shade.
And since I painted it in the house, there were no bugs and terrible heat to deal with!  Plus, any spilled paint scrapes off laminate flooring with a fingernail.  And there was zero paint smell.
I think it will do nicely in there for craft storage.  

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Michelle said...

It turned out great!


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