Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nice Things

Last week was so hard.  Really bad.  No good.
And it was easy to fall into a funk of despair.  It started with working extra hours on Monday, after a very  hard weekend, then having to rush to buy groceries, shower, and go to a two hour Boy Scout meeting.  I missed my Monday night unwind and felt at the end of my rope to start my week....then Tuesday,  I took my sister in  for a biopsy at the crack of dawn.  She kept her chin up - but inside I was thinking "how are we going to handle the worst case scenario?"  Still haven't figured that one out.  
Thanksgiving 2010 
Wednesday I turned in my ladder portfolio,  rushed around trying to play catch up, and expressed some meds over to my sister.  
Firstborn's car stalled out on Mopac and we got to play in traffic in the heat for almost three hours. Guess it's a good thing we haven't gotten rid of the van
Thursday Scout had his wisdom teeth out.  Aside from him barfing in the front yard, it went well...but he spent the first day of Summer vacay in a painful fog.  Friday I worked - but The Girl had her debit card number breached and someone managed to clean out her checking account - temporarily.  So, this Monday we hung out at the credit union for a couple hours.  And Firstborn had a snafu with his rent so it was parents to the rescue. Hurry to bank.  Hurry to apartments.  Hurry home.  Cook, clean, go to bed.
The weekend passed in a blur with a busy two days, Sunday without a break, ending with a co-worker telling us she was quitting.   But Saturday I came home to a Thank You bouquet of lillies from my sister, along with wine and chocolate - the two most important food groups.  And a great dinner, a la hubby, with a good night's sleep.
 And look what I got in the mail -  the craft exchange gift from Donna!  It so brightened my outlook - I  love owls.
I borrowed a book from a co-worker called "The Art of Living" by Epictetus.  It's like the universe is trying to send me a little encouragement, and maybe some direction.  
I need it, badly.

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