Friday, June 14, 2013


 My mother is a great cook - and one who could make the most of leftover anything.
I want to share her "method" here for a meal using leftover roast or other meat - she always called it Goulash when I was growing up.
Start with the leftover meat (here I have Italian Drip Beef a la Pioneer Woman), a potato per person, an onion, a bell pepper, about 1/2 c. ketchup, some steak sauce - your choice - and some seasoning.  Not pictured is water.
 Heat some olive oil to medium heat in a large pot - whatever you can make stew in.
 Chunk up the potatoes and add them in.  DO NOT STIR.  The potatoes will loosen from the pan in a few minutes and in the meantime, they will develop a browned, carmel-y crust,  Yum.
 See?  So much flavor.
 After the potatoes are browned a bit, add in the chunked up onion and bell pepper.  Don't cut them up all fancy - 1 inch chunks are ok.  Add some garlic, too, if you like,  We like.
 Add the ketchup to the steak sauce then add enough water to make about 2 cups.  Season it up.  I used my seasoning blend. Season it up however you like - I recall hers being a little different each time.'s looking pretty good.  You don't have to stir this a lot.  
You want the browned edges.
Add in the meat on the top,
 Pour in the sauce, lower the heat, and simmer while you make rolls.
 I forgot to mention about the rolls - buttered bread is what my mother always served, 
but hot rolls cannot be beat.
Stir and serve, with a smile and a glass of sweet tea.
And forget about getting a picture of a plate of it with hungry people stampeding all around you...

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