Friday, May 10, 2013

The continuing saga of Firstborn moving out...

Thank goodness for my sister and her garage full of furniture.  She saved the day by donating things for my kiddos who are *trying* to leave the nest.
She lent us a mattress and box springs for The Girl's use.
For Firstborn she generously gave bar stools,
a small Baker's style rack for DVDs and such, two antique kitchen chairs with pads,
and an antique kitchen table for his new apartment kitchen.
There was no time to sand and re-stain it, tho I would have loved to.
 Plus a crap ton of boxes to pack his things in.  which.....he didn't do until the very last second.  Once he got his key, he couldn't wait to leave - I can't say I blame him.  I remember what that feeling of freedom and independence felt like.
This was the state of his room after he had taken most of what he wanted to take.  Um, no...come back and deal with the rest of it!  I learned a very important lesson here...stayed tuned.
His room was an absolute mess.  He's been working a lot of hours, or I would have cracked the whip a little about a week ago.  The carpet was almost too trashed to clean.  It took me well over an hour to vacuum and steam clean it after he took another load out.  And there were places on the walls that had to be touched up with paint. 
So, as of yesterday, this is the state of what is left: crap to be donated (old toys, and such), mementos and treasures, his personal files, and a chair he no longer wants.  And the room has gone thru a thorough cleaning and freshening and made livable for The Girl who arrives in T minus 1 week for the summer.

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