Monday, March 4, 2013

Mealplan Monday #50 and missing The Girl...

As of the writing of this week's menus, 
I haven't heard from The Girl much. 
 I'm sure she's busy studying....
 ...and having a blast in her free time.
But she was also pretty put out with me last week.  She called to tell me she was wanting to go on a mission trip to Rwanda.  And I put the squash on it, for more reasons than I care to go into right now.  So, yeah, I just have to steal pics of her off Facebook and hope that no news is good news...
Monday - Cheddar Jack and Bacon Chicken (Kraft Fresh Takes) skillet cabbage, mashed potatoes
Tuesday - Asian Orange Beef and Broccoli, chinese noodles
Wednesday - Bean pot, cheddar bay biscuits
Thursday - Freezer burritos, salad, sofrito rice
Friday - BBQ Pulled Pork (freezer meal), chips and pico
Saturday - Dad grills
Sunday - Velveeta Cheesey Skillet dinner, salad
She's making friends and memories at Baylor.  She's having a great time with her future roomies and sorority sisters.  But I want her to remember why she is there and live in the now with an eye towards the future, enjoying all the time she has in college.
Because too soon, college ends and real life begins, and I want her to be prepared. I miss her terribly, surrounded as I am by testosterone, but I can see that she is happy!  So I will try not to worry so much...

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Jennifer Juniper said...

She does look like she's having fun :)

Sometimes it's for the best when they are made at you.

I used to make that Velveeta Skillet dinner and forgot all about it!


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