Monday, February 25, 2013

Mealplan Monday #49 with thrifty photo art!

One of my little darlings knocked a picture off the wall in the bathroom, breaking the glass and seriously denting the frame.  They were cheapo IKEA frames to begin with - I wasn't heartbroken.  I dug up some odd frames in the garage and spray painted them silver to match the one small one that wasn't injured.  Then I used a walk to the greenbelt to do double duty - get 15 minutes of exercise in, and some pretty pics for the "new" frames.
Sometimes art is born of adversity.
Monday - Sausage, Pepper, and Cornbread skillet, corn
Tuesday - Roast chicken thighs with red potatoes, green beans
Wednesday - Salsa Sloppy Joe's, tots, celery and carrot sticks
Thursday - Teriyaki chicken, rice
Friday - Black Bean chalupas, salad
Saturday - YOYO (camping weekend)
Sunday - Turkey Shepherd's Pie
Dessert this week is dark chocolate M&M cookie bars
And here is the bathroom wall after $4 in photofinishing, some leftover frames, spray paint, and a mirror from a set I picked up in Kohl's last year after Christmas:
I still really love the cool green and crisp white combo of this little bathroom with its silver accents.
This week I also plan to:
Rake the front yard
Take my mother a birthday gift
Do some sewing 
Hope your week is great, too!

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