Monday, October 22, 2012

Mealplan Monday #31 and a plan for all that cereal

Remember the smorgasbord cereal box I used to have going?  When it got too full, I made Compost Cookies.  Well, the boys decided they would rather not have crazy mixed-up cereal and quit eating it.  I could either make a crap ton of those cookies, or just give in and toss it all out and buy new cereal.  I resisted as long as I could.  But in the end, I decided to toss the old mixed-up cereal.  You can't win every battle on the home front...
Now I just save the leftover cereal, in the original liners, and store it in a basket. I set the whole basket on the table on cereal days and what you see is what you get. When the basket is empty, I buy more cereal.  It seems to work out better this way.  No one is refusing the cereal, and it doesn't get stale.  
Too bad about the cookies, though.  I liked them.
Monday - Apple and Sage Pork Chops with butternut squash, rice
Tuesday -Stir fry with ramen, take-out crab rangoon
Wednesday - Navy Bean Soup, quesadillas
Thursday - Chicken Tettrazini, salad
Friday - Chicken strips, BBQ beans (boys go camping)
Saturday - YOYO
Sunday - Crock Pot Mexican Chili, Fritos

What's great about these colorful baskets from Dollar Tree is that they are cheap and easy to use in a pantry.  No chalkboard label required...

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