Monday, October 8, 2012

Mealplan Monday #29 and some great new pillows

I made myself a little crazy last week, doing multiple errands on different days.  I usually group them so I can save sanity, time, and gas.  In that order.  I became fixated on finding those red faux linen curtains at Tarjay - to no avail.  But I did find some new pillows for the couch so it sorta all evened out.
Except for that wasted gas thing, which seriously cut into my thriftiness, durn it.
Monday - Marmalade Chicken Curry, rice, peas
Tuesday - Lentil Soup, quesadillas
Wednesday - Pumpkin Ziti*, garlic bread
Thursday - L.O. Freezer BBQ, Loaded Mashed Potatoes, salad
Friday - Mom p/u pizza
Saturday - Dad grill
Sunday - L.O. freezer Pinto Bean Casserole, salad
*An HEB recipe - will share soon!
 Aren't these nice?  $15 for the pair and they are big and Fall-looking.  Sort of a wool look to them.  And they go well with the brown leather couch.  Me like.  And I officially give up on finding those curtains.  Obviously a very popular markdown...

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Almond Tea said...

Love the pillows. Just my style rustic but soft!


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