Saturday, March 10, 2012

Project Fail

Sooo... several months ago I painted the inside of the bookcase a color to coordinate with the rest of the den:
It actually worked fine until anything bumped up against the paint.  Then stuff like this happened:
 And once I saw it I had to see if more would just peel off. The answer was yes.  Drat.
 In big wads.  Windex helped get it all to loosen up and come off easily.  And here I thought I was so smart using a paint with primer.  At least I got smart removing it with my widget and the Windex.  It was like removing wallpaper - except that it was stretchy.  Doomed from the get-go.
 Sigh.  At least all of it came off without damaging the wall behind it. 
 So I just pulled everything out, cleaned it up, put things back like I thought they would work better...
 Reed baskets hold the DVD's - I couldn't find Sea Grass in the right size, but these are pretty near perfect.  They weren't cheap - which is odd for Wally World.  $10 each.  But they add texture to the bookcase.
Wish I could get rid of the VHS tapes.  Not yet, not yet...
I just left the Italian Olive spray painted basket on bottom.  It matches the room.  And the owl.
I can't work on this again until Spring Break.  Maybe I'll just leave it. 
The slick paint in the back of the bookcase apparently doesn't want to be painted!

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