Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scout's gallery wall

Waaay back in October, I purchased one of those set of frames from Tarjay as a gift to Scout thinking he could print, frame, and hang some of his best photography in his new room.  
As of a week ago, this is what the wall still looked like:
Hmmmm....need to put in a call to Procrastinators Anonymous sometime...maybe later.
So one evening we finally sat down and uploaded a bunch of his work to Shutterfly and got busy!  In a couple days we had the prints and were ready to start filling those frames.
 We started by laying them all out for him to pick his favorites. 
 That weird bright shape in the middle is the reflection of the dining room light fixture - mat prints weren't available in anything smaller than 11x17.  The bug pic didn't make the cut - it is one of my favorites!  We cleaned the frames, popped the pics in, took the easel backs off, and went to work getting them "just so" on his wall.  I use the eyeball method of hanging art - I think we did good!
Scout was pretty particular about where he wanted each frame.
 He's got black and white photos interspersed evenly with the color photos.  
It's a very creative look, I think!
Too bad these frames don't have glare-free glass, but I figure we can get that from Michael's and swap it out.  That way, it won't matter that we get glossy prints.  
And he'll be able to print more often if we keep this simple.
I think it came out nicely and wish we had done it sooner!  I told him we can look for more frames to add - I am on the lookout for another set in that silvertone, but we could mix and match the frames like he did the photos. It's definitely going to get added to in the future.
Whatcha think?

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