Friday, February 3, 2012

Hubby's Whopper Cake

Seems like we have one birthday immediately following another from September on...and Hubby's is the last of the "birthday season" here at Camp Rustown.  I wanted to make him something fun and found another delish one by Brandi at the Country Cook!  Go here for the recipe.  
Here it is, just sitting innocently in my fridge, waiting for Hubby to get home from his Scout meeting:
 Milk chocolate cake, malted cool whip frosting, and crushed Whoppers!
The frosting is made with Lite Cool Whip and chocolate malted milk powder.
I had lots of Whoppers left over...they got hidden in a secret place...
 Hubby could not resist sneaking one from the top.
I bet you could swap out the chocolate and make a strawberry version with strawberry cake, strawberry whoppers, and vanilla malt powder...YUM.  Might have to try that next.
Happy Birthday, Hubby!  Hope it was a whopper of a good one.  (:

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