Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hill country zoo trip

Last Wednesday I took the boys to the Capital of Texas Zoo.
Now don't go thinkin' Austin has suddenly gone all metropolitan or anything - it's basically an animal sanctuary out towards Bastrop.  Very rustic. But it was fun to take the boys on what may be one of our last field trips together as they are getting older and less interested in these simple activities...
 See?  Out in the middle of Nowhere, Texas.
 The lion was so sleepy he could barely wake up to look at us, and the tiger didn't bother....
Ever seen a herd of guinea pigs?  Well, now you have.
This deer kept coming up to yell at Scout - probably "Cut your hair!"  There were lots of birds...
This was actually a huge enclosure that you could walk into.  
No thank you for me, but the boys liked it.
I mean, really, birds were everywhere.
Some were very inquisitive!
The Fossa was actually panting....can we get some water over here? 
The Wallaby didn't even look up..
 Most of the domestic animals were very friendly, tho.
I take this red water jug with us on every outing - it saved our hide as it was HOT there, even under the trees.
 See what I mean about the hair?
 We had a nice picnic lunch and met a very friendly peacock.  Did you know that peacocks are LOUD?  There were several on the property, walking around freely and calling out to each other.
It was hot, but it was relaxing and a nice thing to do in the middle of the week.  
Gotta love those Summer field trips!

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