Saturday, April 30, 2011

The tops of my cabinets...

For some reason this Spring it's taken me longer to freshen up the inside of the house.  There were still pine cones out up until last month...but today I got a burst of energy and decided to tackle the tops of the kitchen cabs.  Sorry - I did not include before pics - they were too depressing...
It involved me getting up there and dusting a few things off - I am totally OK with fake plants.  
This one is in a copper kettle my mother brought from her travels in Eastern Europe.
On the cabinet over the cooktop I took down a large outdated  basket of greenery.  I am ashamed to admit it had Fall foliage in it....I saved the greenery I could and placed it in a glazed terra cotta  pot I got at Tuesday Morning.  The Anne Geddes print was FREE about 13 years ago at Target for Mother's Day.  (But really, it should be replaced). The birdie was $1 at Dollar Tree, and the bird house maybe around $10 at TJ Maxx.  Basically I shopped my house for stuff I already had.
The birdie is sitting inside a candle holder (:
Last but not least was the space to the right of that big copper pot.  I had a very outdated grapevine wreath up there, but I wanted to put my faux apothecary jars there.  It needed a backdrop, so I made one!
Can you see glue still drying in places?
I took a little used platter and modge podged some of the wonderful fabric I used in my laundry room.  
I think I love modge podge...
The platter has scalloped edges and flowers embossed all over it.  I have two of them, so this one can live up here a while.  The tall jar has wine corks; the medium and small, candles.  I love the wallpaper in my kitchen!
I had to stop there for the afternoon as I ran out of gas.  But it was fun to create my pretty new platter and simplify the decor up there.
 These topiary prints were also a Tarjay find - $4 each.
It looks bigger up there with less stuff - cleaner, too.  I like having something 'new and different' to look at since I spend so much time in this room...
And I can't believe it took me so long to change it up...oh, well...

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Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

I think your photos look better than mine, Gina :). I forgot to mention I ran into lots of dust, I'm pretty sure there's some still up there.


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