Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day '11

I can't say I blame the people up north for thinking we Austin folk are a bunch of weenies when it comes to snow.  But, really, the roads here are downright treacherous when covered with ice.  And no one here knows how to drive in it.  Schools panic and close.  Employers offer paid lodging at nearby hotels.  
You would think it's Snowmaggedon.
 Look at that - barely a dusting - but first the rain fell, then the snow...
  Settled in the nooks of trees, it's kinda pretty...
 A blank canvas of it invites kids to stomp around in it.
and take pictures of it
And, OK, it's cool to pour a second cup of coffee and get a Friday off...
We've got "wintry mix" in the forecast today - no more ice, please?  K, Thanks.


Marie said...

I don't think your a bunch of "weenies" lol!
We can't drive very well on the ice either.
Snow is one thing but, ice is scary, especially
black ice. (that is the kind that you can not see).
I just experienced that the other day and I swear
angels were watching over me because I lost control of the car and started doing that pendulum thing and somehow the car straightened up. Whew! Also, you guys do not have regular snow plows and sand trucks.
That does help : )

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I am so tired of snow and ice! I am so ready for Spring!! Ready for warmer weather and blooming flowers.

Tori @ said...

HA! We're not far from you and have had the same experience this year! Crazy! I'll take the snow days though...even if I work from home!


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