Saturday, November 13, 2010

Orange Cranberry Sauce

Everybody has one - a recipe or a dish they have to have at the holidays or it's just not the holidays.  For me it is Cranberry Sauce, and the stuff in the cans won't do...
I like to add the orange to make it festive.  Aren't those berries pretty?  One of my favorite colors!
I dump the berries, sugar, orange juice/water, and grated rind into the pot and bring to a boil.  When I hear the berries start to "pop", I mash some of them up and let it cook for a few minutes at a low boil. (just follow the instructions on the bag of berries if it's the first time you're doing this)
Leaving some of them whole improves the texture.  And the orange/cranberry smell fills the house and is divine...I made extra because I like it in Oatmeal Bars, too.
I use the inversion method - keep the clean jars full of very hot water until ready to fill, wipe threads and rims, then fill with boiling hot cranberry sauce off stove, screw lids on tightly, then let sit upside down on the counter for 10 minutes or so while I clean up. Shortly after turning them right side up,
you'll hear a pop which means they are sealed.
Homemade cranberry sauce is sooo much better than that from a can - try it, you can do it!
I've got the menus set and the grocery list made - can't wait for Monday!

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duree26 said...

I would love the recipe for your Cranberry Sauce. I have never made it before and would love to try it. Thank you, Paige


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