Tuesday, November 16, 2010

D and G's room "befores"

I bought the paint today so now I need to get to painting the boy's room.  Here are the befores:  the paint is satin semi-gloss (oh why? why? did I do that?)
in a color called Cloudless Sky. 
Makes you feel like you are drowing in the pool. 
Looks normal in the photos, but in real life it is ghastly!
The bunk bed shall be painted silver, I think.  But not shiny silver, more like a brushed or hammered look.
And the light switch, too.
The bookcase will be red.  I would love to lose those cat litter boxes turned "little toys" boxes.  Covered with stickers they are. So tacky.  And at this stage, maybe the storage thingy with stuffed animals can go, too.  And the Legos can return to their box. 
I'm going to leave the stackable bins from the Container Store.  They are very helpful on the side of each dresser.  And I like the black valance.  Also, the stuff on the walls will stay.
 I think the boys didn't mind the shiny blue.  When they were toddlers!
 But it's so severe right up against the white trim. Yuck.
The random D and G will go.  I'm thinking of getting them a full length mirror.   And I will add some command hooks on the back of the main door so that they can hang night shirts and jackets and hats up.
Time to to get 'er done!


Cheri said...

Can't wait to see the after photos. Your newest follower!

Marie said...

Happy painting! I still have a lot to do...
but, it is so nice to have a fresh new look.
Look forward to seeing your pictures.


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