Sunday, October 17, 2010

RIP Joe Roborovski

The hamster finally met his maker after suffering (apparently) and lingering in his cage looking ill for about a week...I really have no concrete diagnosis for his death, other than maybe old age.  He looked a little weird around the tail area, but I can't think of a reason he would have gotten "wet tail", unless it was just stress at having come to the end of his life span.
Bubbie hadn't been paying a lot of attention to Joe; I was the one feeding him and cleaning his cage.   Once Joe stopped running around so much, just sleeping all of the time, Sugar didn't even notice the cage anymore.  And now it sits empty, in the garage, listed in the classifieds for sale.
I hate that he suffered; I watched him have a seizure or two at the end.  I hate that Bubbie missed it; he was camping and this would have been a valuable lesson in the loss.  I hate that I had to scoop him out and toss him into a grocery sack.  Then clean the cage.  But most of all, that my kid didn't seem to be sad at all...
for some reason, this bums me out...

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