Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summer plans

I am soooo ready for the school year to wind down. 
To not have to get up daily at 6:15. 
To not have to pack lunches 
(assuming I bought things I can pack). 
To not have to worry about them having clean socks 
( 'cause who wears socks in the summer, anyhow?).  
To not have to remember to sign agendas so the teacher 
doesn't send a nasty note home.  
To not have to stop what I'm doing in the middle of the afternoon
and go pick someone up,
then nag them over homework or instrument practice.
To not have to enforce an early bedtime.
 And, to plan a beach retreat! We shall live in flip flops!

 Camp Rustown Beachgoers, ca. 2005

Yeah,  it's time to start thinking about making our reservations at the Beachcomber in Port Aransas again.  Time to get the towels out of storage, buy some new flip flops, make sure the boogie boards are in good shape...
...aahhhh....summer...I am looking forward to making some plans!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The ocean and beach are heaven to me!
lol! I am sure you will have sooo
much fun and I is nice to
not have my children call me a "nag".
I continually remind them I am not
a "nag", I am just letting them know
what they need to do. :)


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