Friday, April 9, 2010

Lovely patio furniture re-do

I started the "patio project" about 2 weeks ago,
and am slowly making progress.
My ficus tree and potted plants were wintering in the garage. 
And yes, the deck boards are in sad shape.  (But that's a project I am leaving to hubby.)
What possessed me to paint this green, I ask you? Yuck.  Bubbie and I had to sand virtually ALL of the paint off, as even with primer the new paint was wanting to flake. ): I detest sanding - fortunately, he loves it.   I would estimate he did more than 50% of it!
 Spray priming and painting is a messy job and I never want to do this again!  I was lucky it wasn't windy...
Prepare to be overwhelmed...
 Yay! The plants came back to live in their Spring home! And the sun got a facelift!
These pretty cushions were $10 each at Wally World.  They are zippered, so I probably couldn't have made them cheaper, factoring in that I am not adept at putting zippers in things. I love the dark brick color; maybe that would be a good choice for the picnic set, next in line for a sprucing.  Also, I might talk the hubby into an umbrella for the center of the table.
Who is that woman!? Oh, well...she can stay if she shares her beer...
I think I'll go join her now and enjoy my new patio furniture.  Ciao!

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~Mary~ said...

Stopping' in from Fridays Friends! Love your blog. And I love projects such as you're doing. Generally I leave those to my DH I I don't like to sweat LOL) I'm the indoors girl. Spoiled yes!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

I love your furniture!!! Starting to get warm here....:) We live in the ski resorts area, in Utah!
Happy new friend Friday! I am a Mom too...
I am following your blog now, come follow mine :)
Gros bisous

Jennifer Juniper said...

Gina, you look nice and relaxed in that last photo! Love it - and your great project :)

Wendy said...

LOVE it! It looks so clean and fresh! And I love the red pillows! I say perfect spot for a beer :)!

ancientcloth said...

Your patio furniture looks fabulous and
love the reddish cushion! Bravo to your
son for doing all that sanding :)
I am not good at zippers either.
I know you will have many fun
gatherings in that cozy outside

Terence Watthens said...

Glad you’re patio project turned out great! I love how simple and laid back it looks. I could spend an entire day doing nothing in that place.

Terence Watthens


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