Friday, January 29, 2010

What will change

Den 12 Crossover - Arrow of Light

I'm washing Hubby's Cub Scout leader shirt for the last time.  He asked me to "mothball it", meaning clean it and put it up forever.  So many things we have been involved in for the kids have changed over the years,  but it becomes poignant when it involves your youngest child.
No more den meetings at my house with busy Wednesday nights getting dinner served and cleaned up, the flags out, the water buffalo filled, the patio cleared off, Bubbie dressed, the scout box and other supplies out. No more "base camp" at the start of the next school year. No more pack meetings, either, where I sit and socialize with the other moms. We can tear down the play scape and re-landscape the back yard, and get rid of these folding camp style chairs that are falling apart from years of use. I will sew the last two patches on Bubbie's brag vest and mothball that, too.  I will sew The Arrow of Light patch on his Boy Scout uniform.  I will print up the photos from the last few meetings and add them to his scout photo album.  And Hubby and I will sigh to ourselves that we did right by the boys, giving them a firm foundation with scouting and readying them for school and life.

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marie said...

What a great family picture. I was so
touched reading your post. It is like reading a beautiful story and moving to the next chapter. : )


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