Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

No can do, sorry, can't post actual birthday pics of me - somehow an old lady got into them, and I know it can't be me...better luck next time...enjoy this photo of fall flowers on the dining table instead! However, I had a great birthday this year! Hubby got up early and fixed blueberry scones and gourmet coffee. It was a nice day at work, with a surprise gift from a co-worker that made my day - a box of cupcakes from Hello!Cupcake and a Visa gift card! Wow! That was so nice! In the evening, Hubby and the boys fixed a nice dinner of grilled bacon-wrapped jalapenos, chicken fajitas, rice, salad, and a cold dark beer...we were too full to eat desert! And I got my new phone! So now I have to learn how to use it, since my old one was several years past needing to be upgraded and I am technologically behind. Sister dropped off a James Avery gift certificate that was a nice surprise Sunday morning, so today I bought a beautiful pendant. From start to finish, last week was wonderful and I can't wait for the Thanksgiving week to come - the best time of the year!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day off in Brenham

Another beautiful Fall day to travel - last week to Wimberley to help Maggie celebrate her birthday, and to Brenham today to help celebrate mine! Mother and I enjoyed a delish lunch with sour cream-topped lemon cheesecake for dessert. So good...We did a little fall cleaning of her pantry, picked veggies in the garden, visited the chickies (full grown now and laying many eggs), and generally had a nice visit. Next time I will have to bring the boys as Gus gets so excited with visitors and loves to run and play.
Sorry, Gus...Rustown Mom don't run!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hooray for upholsterers!

the "before" shot

Well, today I loaded up the van with the armchairs and headed over to the upholsterer. Not a cheap undertaking, but I figured it wouldn't be. That's the price of compromise... Tomorrow I will buy the fabric and take it over to them and by Christmas, voila! New chairs! The wallpaper man comes tomorrow to give me a quote. Yes, I know. My week is all kinds of exciting. But it does feel good to get these projects up and running while I can - you never know what's coming around the bend...I will post the before and after photos when I get them back.  Can't wait!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanksgiving is just around the corner...

Rustown Art

I LOVE Thanksgiving and I think of it as MY holiday much the same way Scout thinks Halloween belongs to him! So far, only my sister and niece have said they are coming over, but that's perfectly OK as long as it's a relaxing and fun day, full of eating, game playing, music listening, and planning our holidays to come. Sister and I always go thru the paper making out lists while we sip our bloody mary's, then maybe play a few card games on the picnic table outside. I am hoping it will be chilly so we can fire up the firepit and listen to music out there, too. I will have plenty of wine on hand and more than enough food. If you are reading this, come on over!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A snag called hubby

Well, I was so proud of myself - got the couch cushions covered while I was waiting for the chair slipcovers to be delivered. In this photo I was almost done with all 4 of them. Met hubby at front door to drag him over to see -  not impressed. He said it didn't look like "the couch he grew up with". 
OMG. Yes - I realize that. 
I was going for AN IMPROVEMENT.  
So, my compromise is to get an upholsterer to professionally cover the dang thing, plus the side chairs, and I will incorporate the fabric I obsessed over as toss pillows, and the cushions you lean up against.  I feel a little discouraged and tired of this project, and I am tired of 30 plus year old fabric on smelly, old couches. I want to have a nice front room in which to entertain family and friends.  I have so many other things I could be working calling around for a wallpaper hanger. That's the next big project - re-doing the bathrooms. If I'm gonna be here in this house til I die, I'm gonna make it look nice!!


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