Friday, December 15, 2017

5 thing Friday - weekend fun, Burnet lights, unkillable potted plant, puzzle table, stitching

The weekends have become a happy jumble of going and doing.  Last Saturday we picked up our wine club wine from Bell Springs at lunchtime while listening to live acoustic guitar and eating wood fired pulled pork pizza topped with fresh arugula and a caprese salad (YUM)
You can barely see her, but she's there...singing her heart out.  Incidentally, they weren't busy at all for a pick-up and it was gorgeous weather!
From there we traveled northeast to Perisso's for Sip and Stroll - live music there, too, which was great!  And check out this wine bottle tree!  We had some delicious dessert treats there.
Then, because we love the sunsets and the longhorns and the wine, of course... we went to Torr Na Loch.  I know you can't tell it from the first photo above, but it was a momma longhorn with her baby skipping along behind.  So cute! {I think if you click on the photo, you may see it better.}
 And enjoyed a seasonal appetizer plate, some Dolcetto, and many compliments on Hubby's Santa attire...
If it seems like we are at TNL a lot...well, we are.  Great wine, very friendly people, and the best sunsets!
Plus, the owner's dogs are so sweet - this one decided to nap at our feet.  In my next life, I'd like to come back as a winery dog!
After that, we decided to make a trip into Burnet to check out the holiday festivities.
Lots of lights, lots of local crafts.  Kinda nippy outside, and just perfect.
We didn't get to stroll though Little Bethlehem - waaay too many people waiting in line.
We ended up at Highlands after a long day and enjoyed us some shrimp stir fry and card playing.  I so love the weekends now.
I know I said I was done decorating, but my kolanchoe died.  So I washed out the pot and shoved some fake greenery in there.  Tied it with a red ribbon.  I'm no genius, but I think I can keep this plant alive...
I hauled in a table from the back patio, cleaned it up, added a tablecloth, a puzzle, and some card games.  Then I stashed one of those $5 popcorn tins underneath it with three plastic Dollar Tree bowls.  They also have puzzles, so I pick some up next time I am there.  Instant puzzle table in front of the tree.  It's cozy in here - we should hang out here more.
Being under the time gun with gifts zaps my creativity.  However, it does propel me thru finishing up on things I've been neglecting, like stitching a gift for a co-worker.  Christmas will be here before you know it and I am not quite ready...but I will be. 

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