Friday, March 24, 2017

5 thing Friday - random bits of camera, cake, crust, headshot, and cactus.

Life feels fairly random lately.  Sometimes I find myself drifting off into a mini coma while doing the simplest of things.  I blame being tired after the time change.
Sometimes I just snap a photo for no reason, really.  This one above is in the teeny tiny drive through at Torchy's.  
And this one is a mostly empty restaurant with pretty lighting on a recent lunch date with Hubby.  But mostly I have been forgetting to document life, such as it is.
I added dessert back on to the menus, but I have been pretty lazy about my follow-through.  However, I did make a lovely green Irish Cream bundt cake right before Spring Break.  It was very moist and didn't taste a thing like Irish Cream.  That stopped no one from eating it.
My freezer pie crusts have been a giant WIN.  I admit they look homemade - not magazine-pretty, but they have a nice flavor and are super handy.  It takes only a short while to thaw them out, so they are super convenient.  I can use them for savory or sweet - today I will make a sweet pie.
 Do I look tired?  I feel tired.  I would love to start back up on my walking.  It's so hard to get started on that again - I mostly just forget to add it into my day.  And I do walk a LOT at work, so it's hard to get motivated but I am trying. 
I put together a "tacky homemade" for a friend's birthday that involved this cactus and some other goodies.  Sometimes I feel like I don't get it right with gifts.  But a sweet little pot of cactus tied with burlap is a delightful thing.

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