Friday, December 16, 2016

Thrifty clothes for downtimes

One day last week I went shopping for myself out of desperation to be comfy on my off days.  Fist on the list:  these cheapo men's house shoes/moccasins from Academy.  For some reason I have been really wanting a pair!  I wear them around the house with socks.  They have zero padding or arch support and I don't care.  And for $8 I consider them thrifty, since they are lined with flannel and made of suede.
 All the women's styles had bows and/or fluffy fake sherpa inside them.  ugh.
I went to my fav thrift shop and found a bonanza of blue jeans!  Five pair of  jeans in my size and in great shape!  A couple of them will be "working in the yard" jeans.  The others I can pair with a sweater and clogs while I am out running errands.  Jeans are so expensive nowadays...these were marked $6 or less apiece AND the lady gave me a senior discount after tsk tsking me that I hadn't come on Wednesday when all the clothes were marked 50% off.
I also found 3 long sleeve shirts - one flannel, one corduroy, one broadcloth.  I love that you can roll up the sleeves and usually I look for men's thrift store shirts so that I have more sleeve to work with.  With my stylish moccasins I paid less than $30 for all of the above and now I am cozy comfy on my days off!  What about you - done any thrifting lately?


Mrs. G said...

You did find some thrifty bargains! I never find deals like that! Enjoy your off days and your comfy clothing!

Grace & Peace,

Laura Lane said...

Good for you! I love being thrifty. I found two nice sweaters at a thrift store for about $5 each for my husband for Christmas.
Be blessed and enjoy your Christmas,
Laura if Harvest Lane Cottage


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