Friday, December 30, 2016

5 thing Friday - cards, more traffic!, The Girl, Christmas fun and games, nails

Our Christmas cards this year were so last minute.  I had Scout take a quick pic of he and his brothers, used a pic of The Girl and Teddy at the tree farm, and fished around for this pic of Hubby and I this summer.  Then I had them printed at Walgreen's for about $10.  Underwhelming.
I totally let that drop this year. I didn't even bring up the idea of pictures at Thanksgiving like I usually do.  I will be better about it next holiday season!  Along with crafting, decorating, and everything else I just felt so blah about... Some of those things add a happy kind of creative stress, and they define the holidays for me.
On the daily, Hubby complains about the traffic in Austin.  No matter what time of day, if there is sun out, there is traffic.  To get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time, you either have to leave home before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m. Pictured above is the very full feeder road running alongside an equally full 183.  Ugh.  I did so much shopping on Amazon for gifts this year - totally worth my sanity.
The Thursday before Christmas I took gifts to my mother, helped clean her sewing room, changed out sheets and quilts on her bed, and enjoyed a lunch out.  She got teary a couple of times - I think the holidays are tough on the elderly for so many reasons.  She barely participates any more and giving her gifts gives her a side order of guilt.
 Her shirt says "Santa, Stop Judging"
The Girl and Teddy were here about 5 days.  Seems like shorter.  I wish Houston was not so far away. I bet she does, too.  We are discussing whether it would be a good idea for us to keep Teddy over the busy season.  I hate that for her, as Teddy is therapeutic for her after a long day.  But I also hate thinking of him alone in a quiet apartment for hours and days on end.
The tree on Christmas morning.  We all slept in and took our time opening gifts.  Then we had a breakfast casserole and sangria.  Mostly people layed around the rest of the day and did whatever they wanted to.
We played a few games here and there, but not all 6 of us together.  Next year, we need to get some kind of thing going - contests, prizes, special apps - to lure people in from the couch...
The Girl gave me some nail supplies since she knows I have been stressing the condition of my hands.  I think I have narrowed the culprit of the weak and peeling nails to the hand foam we use at work.  Not only is it alcohol-based, but harsh enough to kill germs, and apparently nails, too.  I'm going to keep them polished so they will look better, start back up on the biotin, and treat them gently.
Happy last Friday of the year! 

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Simply LKJ said...

My GF here who is originally from Austin was just talking about how awful the traffic has gotten there. She plans to move back to TX someday, but said she most likely will not move there as it has become so overgrown.
Looks like you all had a great Christmas.
I have always had driest hands during the winter months, especially when I was teaching the little ones. I started using pure shea butter a few months ago based on a rec from my doctor...amazing the difference!


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