Friday, September 16, 2016

5 thing Friday - steak, tape, cocoa, BBQ, muffins

Random scraps - no particular time order...
Last Saturday I met up with Hubby at Torr Na Lochs for the wine party pick-up.  We had a great lunch and enjoyed a bottle of wine.  He had to get back to a campout, so I was on my own for dinner.  No problem...
I'll just pick up a juicy steak to sear, along with a sweet potato, and some sliced baby portabellas.
Cannary, table for one.  It was delightful.
Monday I had my first meeting with a PT regarding my tennis elbow.  She taped it up and taught me some exercises to do.  PT will be twice a week until I can regain strength and lose the pain.  
Wish me luck!
A quick Target run netted me some Fall cocoa to set by the coffee pot - looking forward to cooler mornings.  Let the season of pumpkin begin!
 Hubby and I discovered a BBQ joint in Burnet - lots of friendly locals and lots of 'que for the price.  We left out of there groaning the rest of the afternoon!  So good!
It's been ages since I made banana bread or muffins, but The Girl has been telling me all about her baking lately.  I had two over-ripe bananas and about half a cup of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, so I made a batch of Sunday morning muffins for my peeps using this recipe. (which I'm pretty sure is the one she used, too!)  She had a birthday on Monday, but we will celebrate it on the 25th when we see her here.  Something to look forward to, for sure!
Happy Friday!

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